About Hillel Bromberg and Tea Oasis

Alice's tea party in color.png

I grew up drinking Lipton with lots of sugar and lemon, especially at our Friday night dinner table when we would often have guests and would sit around talking over cups of tea. In the summer, we would brew up concentrated tea “bases,” then dilute it into pitchers of iced tea that we’d flavor with mint from the garden. 

My love affair with tea began with a rich pu-ehr that tasted like no tea I’d ever had. Was this thing that came in a hard pellet and tasted like loam and mushrooms really tea? Then I found a keemun that reminded me of malt and chocolate. When the oolongs entered my life, I knew I’d found a home in tea. I am an International Tea Masters Association-certified tea sommelier always looking to increase my own knowledge of tea and expose as many people as possible to the delights of tea. When not sipping, I write, bike, care for my family, and cook fine vegetarian fare. 

I started Tea Oasis as a way to spend more time with tea and share all the tastiness, joy, and variety that tea offers. Cheers!